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Delta Plastics (Arkansas) in POLYchange.com

Delta Plastics (Arkansas)
Delta Plastics of the South makes polyethylene tubing from 7' to 22' diameter, and in thickness ranging from 6 to10 mil for crop irrigation. What makes Delta most unique is that we developed a 'closed loop' collection system for removing this Ag plastic from the environment through our 100+ collection sites in the four state Delta area of the Mid South. The next step involves reprocessing the Ag plastic through Delta's patented recycling system that 'triple washes' the plastic to provide a Post Consumer polyethylene Resin (PCR) that is very clean. Also, because Delta's plastic input is strictly polyethylene tubing from crop irrigation, the resulting Post Consumer Resin is very consistent in its range of density and melt index. This consistent and clean Post Consumer Resin is 'Green Cross' certified as 100% Post Consumer by Scientific Certification Systems. As stated above Delta's PCR is produced from the singular input of polyethylene tubing used for irrigation, thus the resultant PCR is a Linear Low Density/ Low Density Polyethylene blend which has a fractional melt index. Color availability is White or Aqua Blue. No other colors are available because these are the colors from our polyethylene tubing input. Delta's PCR is packed in sturdy new pallet boxes containing 1,000lb. of PCR. All product is shipped from our Stuttgart, AR plant.

Delta Plastics (Arkansas)
Little Rock Arkansas

Contact : Scott Kines
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