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Al Fateh For Pet Flakes Production in POLYchange.com

Al Fateh For Pet Flakes Production
We are specialized in producing PET plastic flakes, caring about the quality is our target to gain our customers trust in our products. Our PET flakes have the following specifications:- - 2 steps of hot washed with cusatic soda. - 3 steps of cold wash with soap 1 step and 2 steps cold water only - Dust and impurities are removed. - Labels, rings and Capes are removed. - PVC less than 0.02 % , control it up to 30 ppm. - No Moisture, Dried with a drier. It will be from our pleasure if we received your inquiries on: fateh-pet@hotmail.com

Al Fateh For Pet Flakes Production
Alexandria Alexandria

Contact : Ali Bahnasy
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