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Phoenix Technologies International, LLC in POLYchange.com

Phoenix Technologies International, LLC
Phoenix Technologies International, LLC
Manufacture of Recycled PET (rPET). Though you may not realize it, chances are, you see and use our technology everyday as Phoenix Technologies is responsible for creating the materials used to package many of your favorite products. From food and beverages to pharmaceuticals, shampoos and soaps to detergents, our rPET resin is used in the creation of a wide variety of packaging solutions. With our patented technology for small particle size, fine mesh filtration, significant manufacturing capacity, state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled customer service, we’re accomplishing our mission of “Advancing the Value of Recycling Through the Use of Technology”… and exceeding expectations along the way.

Phoenix Technologies International, LLC
Bowling Green Ohio

Contact : Ryan Pawlinski
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