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* CARE - Carpet America Recovery Effort
* CEPRONA Foundation
* Carolinas Plastics Recycling Council
* China Scrap Plastics Association (CSPA)
* Container Recycling Institute (CA)
* Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (DC) - ISRI
* International Nonwovens & Disposables Association (INDA)
* MDNA - Machinery Dealers National Association
* National Association for Information Destruction, Inc. (NAID)
* Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Ass.
* PlasticsEurope (Belgium)
* Polymers Center Of Excellence
* Prism International
* Reverse Logistics Associaton
* SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association
* Society of Plastics Engineers - Plastics Environmental Division
* Society of Plastics Engineers, SPE/European Member Bureau
* Southeast Recycling Development Council, Inc (SERDC)
* The China National Resources Recycling Association (CRRA)
* The Pesticide Stewardship Alliance
* The Warehousing Education And Research Council (werc)

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