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Versaplex, Inc. in POLYchange.com

Versaplex, Inc.
Versaplex incorporated in 1982 has serviced the plastic industry worldwide designing, building and installing plastic manufacturing machinery such as; blown film, sheet cast lines, recycling machines, storage tanks and resin handling systems etc. In March 2007 Versaplex, Inc. began a family owned polymer recycling facility in Greentown, PA. Utilizing state of the art recycling machinery. We can reprocess many forms of materials such as; rolls, sheet, film, fibers, tapes, runners, parts, lumps, pies, drools in many different types of polymers and compounds. We can also introduce additives to customer specifications. We can perform trial runs with your material for your acceptance of our finished product if requested. If accepted, we can provide a tolling service to fit your needs. Please call us for pricing. Pricing is negotiable depending on which type of material, quantity and ongoing supply is to be reprocessed. We are committed to achieving an honest long lasting business relationship with you and your company.

Versaplex, Inc.
Greentown Pennsylvania

Contact : Thomas Lotterman
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