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Thien Phu Si Co., Ltd in POLYchange.com

Thien Phu Si Co., Ltd
Thien Phu Si Co., LTD is a leading industrial packaging company in Viet Nam. Over its 10-year history, Thien Phu Si has built a reputation for excellence in manufacturing and trading packaging machines and materials including:
Packaging Machines
  • Semi-auto strapping machine
  • Fully-auto strapping machine
  • Pallet wrapping machine
  • Sealing packing machine
    Packaging Materials
  • PE strech film hand roll
  • PE strech film machine roll
  • OPP packing tape
  • PP strapping band
  • PE shrink film
  • Paper tube and core
  • Food wrap

    Thien Phu Si Co., Ltd
    Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh

    Contact : Ms Ha
    For Further Information,

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