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Avangard Industries (Texas) in POLYchange.com

Avangard Industries (Texas)
Avangard Industries (Texas)
Avangard Industries, LTD. is an American company established in 1984 as a full-line plastics and rubber processing and marketing business. Avangard has its headquarters in Houston, Texas where it owns and occupies a 365,000sq. Ft. facility with over 20 million pounds of inventory. Avangard handles a wide spectrum of materials from high quality off-grade to post consumer scrap including PET, PE, PP, ABS, PC, PS, PVC, PC/ABS, TPO, and others and has the flexibility of including a wide variety of operations to reclaim and improve these raw materials. This flexibility has enabled the company to remain profitable during different economic cycles of the industry and to achieve growth and stability. Avangard specializes in customer service by offering multiple alternatives of materials that result in the reduction of costs without compromising the quality of the product. To offer a fully integrated service to its suppliers, the company has the demonstrated ability to buy all types of industrial scrap providing the equipment, transportation and technical support that is necessary to ensure the best collection service and unquestionable payment discipline. This policy guarantees that both, suppliers and customers, are always serviced on a timely and professional basis. Avangard also offers related services such as recycling, washing/drying, blending, segregation and warehousing.

Avangard Industries (Texas)
Houston Texas

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