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US Plastics Recovery in POLYchange.com

US Plastics Recovery
US Plastics Recovery
USPR receives industrial polymer scrap generated by manufacturers and turns it into high-quality molding materials to be used again in other plastics manufacturing. USPRís finished regrind is clean enough to often act as a replacement for virgin and reprocessed pellet.
End-use applications for USPRís finished product include carpet, trash carts, under-the-hood automotive parts, consumer storage bins available at major retailers, toys, agricultural films, rainwater management pipe, and many other commonly-used products. USPR works with major and medium-sized entities, e.g., petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and multinational corporations.
USPR specializes in difficult-to-recover materials by utilizing its wide range of capabilities and high throughput rates. USPR can separate out dirt, paint, brine, talc, granule, pellet, various polymers, metals, and many other types of materials to produce a finely-tuned raw material suitable for automotive and other industries.

US Plastics Recovery
Lawrenceville Georgia

Contact : Steve Hogan
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