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Envirogreen Recycling in POLYchange.com

Envirogreen Recycling
Envirogreen Recycling is an eco-friendly recycling company based in Northern Ireland. We purchase baled cardboard, plastic, metal and glass at top end prices. We provide recycling services throughout Ireland. Envirogreen Recycling has introduced initiatives at our facility including water-saving toilets and taps, low energy consumption machinery, energy efficient light bulbs to mitigate the effect of our operations on the environment and help achieve our target of becoming carbon friendly by 2011 Our team is made up of highly talented individuals with years of industry knowledge, striving towards a common goal of delivering a highly efficient eco-friendly recycling service to our clients. At Envirogreen Recycling we understand the importance of customer service. We put our customer first. Turn over a new leaf, join Envirogreen Recycling

Envirogreen Recycling
Coalisland Tyrone
United Kingdom

Contact : Conor Guy
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