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Agra Capital in POLYchange.com

Agra Capital
Agra Capital
We are manufacturers for the most part. We have been in the business back east and in Los Angeles for the better part of six years. The Company's policy is to encourage the repatriation of manufacturing to the USA by operating at a low enough margin to attract business back to our shores. To survive we need to be careful about our material purchases.

We are primarily buyers of scrap PP, PE on the West Coast and in South Florida. We are always looking for medical waste suppliers that can supply us with NON TOXIC plastic.

We buy various grades of Polypropolene and Polyethelyne.

We are looking for an additional 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 pounds a month of PP and PE in Los Angeles . We do a great deal of reprocessing to the materials we buy so our costs are a little high. Because of this we have to be careful about our first costs

Agra Capital
Los Angeles California

Contact : Brian Hannan
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