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Global Recovery, LLC in POLYchange.com

Global Recovery, LLC
Global Recovery, LLC
Global Recovery, LLC is primarily a plastics recycling company that purchases or acquires plastic scrap from the industrial markets and post consumer sources.
We recycle most all types of plastics that are marketable. We receive plastic in many forms, such as, drums, pails, bottles, pallets, bins, floor sweep regrind, pellets, parts, spurs and purges.
GRLLC also recycles post consumer items, such as: Baled Cardboard and Gay-lords, Baled Kraft Paper, Non-Woven Roll Goods and Trimmings, Cellulose Fibers, Off-Spec Virgin Chemicals and Surplus Chemicals or Products.
We also offer disposal options for Hazardous and Non Hazardous materials that can not be recycled. Please ask your representative for help.

Global Recovery, LLC
Harleyville South Carolina

Contact : John Beach
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