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Industrial Plastics Co. S.A.L. (IPCO) in POLYchange.com

Industrial Plastics Co. S.A.L. (IPCO)
Industrial Plastics Co, SAL (IPCO) plays a leading role in the plastics manufacturing field ever since its establishment in 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon. IPCO offers a wide range of plastics manufacturing processes specializing in PE and PET products, boasting a diverse product portfolio to meet the ever-increasing demands of the Lebanese market. IPCO also offers some of the most sophisticated printing equipment, printing up to 5 colors directly on the plastic, as well as label heat-shrink capabilities. Stop by to see life-size samples of IPCO's products, or feel free to contact IPCO directly via phone, fax, or email.

Industrial Plastics Co. S.A.L. (IPCO)
Beirut Bauchrieh

Contact : Zade Kekhia
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