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Gryphon Eco Solutions Pty Ltd in POLYchange.com

Gryphon Eco Solutions Pty Ltd
Gryphon Eco Solutions Pty Ltd
Gryphon Eco Solutions are a quality driven and customer focused plastic scrap trading company based in Hong Kong. We are focused on buying and selling of all plastic scraps and granules.
Gryphon Eco Solutions are part of the Gryphon Group who own and operate there own scrap plastic facilities around the Asia Pacific, this enables us to fully understand quality.
The materials we deal in include but not limited to: ABS, BOPP, EPS, EVA, EVOH, HDPE, LDPE, PA, PBT, PC, PC/ABS, PE/PA, PE/PET, PET, PMMA, POM, PP, PS, PVC, SAN, WEE.
The majority of our material is sourced, collected and shipped from Australia through our own vertically integrated collection and processing facilities. We have a particular focus on material from Australian mine sites such as HDPE Pipe and HDPE liners.
The rest of our material is mainly sourced through certified supply partners in the European market with a focus on all PE based products.
As a manufacturer ourselves we understand that it is essential to pre inspect all material before committing to a deal as we believe the financial outlay and time for inspections will be far less than the possible financial losses occurred should you receive sub standard material.
Gryphon makes sure we get it right the first time and every time. We believe in order to go faster you need to go slower so we take the time to make sure all material quality, samples and paperwork are in order before committing to any deal.
Gryphon Eco Solutions are a well established professional business with its Head Office in Hong Kong along with trading offices in Australia, Thailand, India, China, USA, Morocco and Belgium. We believe only in long term relationship and look forward to welcoming you to our fast, efficient, professional, reliable team of plastic recycling professionals with vertically integrated collection and manufacturing facilities all around the world

Gryphon Eco Solutions Pty Ltd
Scarborough QLD

Contact : Jon Byrne
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