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Lynx Metals & Resources, Inc in POLYchange.com

Lynx Metals & Resources, Inc
Lynx Metals & Resources, Inc
Lynx was established in 1997 in California and has since expanded its operations into Georgia. These locations allow Lynx to offer our competitive services to both east and west coast clients, while maintaining the same attention to customers that we have become known for. With our principal staff having up to 50 yrs experience individually, Lynx processes metal and plastic scrap for reuse by manufacturers worldwide. To meet the global needs of our suppliers and customers, Lynx has operations in both the U.S. and globally.

To maintain that best-in-class knowledge base, Lynx is a member of BIR, Society of Plastic Engineers, American Chemical Society, The Metallurgical Society, and ASM International.

As communities bolster their recycling infrastructure, businesses invest in greener production, and the media focuses on issues such as pollution and global warming, it has become imperative that scrap be recycled rather than laying in a landfill for generations. Lynx has become well known for its reliable and trouble free services when dealing with such material. Lynx has the unique ability to use off grade/ contaminated materials, when others cannot. Give Lynx a shot, we promise we are well-positioned to meet your needs.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle—to us, it is not an empty slogan.

We are working hard to provide a green future for our next generation, and for generations to come.

Lynx Metals & Resources, Inc
Dalton Georgia

Contact : Louisa Chiu
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