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Rauh Polymers in POLYchange.com

Rauh Polymers
Rauh Polymers
Rauh Polymers Inc is a formulator and compounder of engineering grade plastic resins for applications in the consumer, industrial, automotive and electronics industries. Our advantage is the products performance, quality and pricing, while being able to fine tune for specific customer needs. A brief description of our main products: PermaFlex- TPC-ES copolyester elastomer similar to Hytrel and Arnitel with a high heat resistance rating of 150C continuous duty. Available in several grades and hardness. Pictures, TDS, Delphi and ISO approvals available. PC/ABS Black- Black pellet for injection molding and extrusion. High impact, UV and chemical resistance. 12+ Izod, good aesthetic and flow characteristics. Automotive approved and proven in the market for over 15 years. Packaged in 1600 lb. gaylord boxes. 40,000 lb. quantities, ongoing availability. $1.15 / lb. FoB Akron, Ohio. Pictures, TDS, Chrysler and Visteon approvals available. TPU- available in 80A, 85A, 90A, 65D and 75D ether extrusion and injection grades, as well as multiple hardness's for adhesive and ester grades. We custom match if you provide the grade needed or a sample of the material already being used. Our business also regularly handles different types of glass and mineral filled PC/ABS, tinted copolyesters, miscellaneous plastic minerals and chemicals servicing a wide range of industries as well as machinery. Samples are available for testing and approval.

Rauh Polymers
Akron Ohio

Contact : Joe Rauh
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