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PRS Plastic Recycling Services Inc. in POLYchange.com

PRS Plastic Recycling Services Inc.
PRS was founded in 1990 for the purpose of helping the industry recycle it's scrap. I had spent 15 years in the industry in various capacities and saw the problem first hand. With some initial help from Jim Corfield at Vaughan Seed, Norm Bellevieu at Summit Plastics, Skip Blackmore at Blackmores and Cal Diller at East Jordan Plastics we began a processing plant to collect plastics. Now 8 years later we continue to provide the industry with an environmentally sound method of disposing of their scrap.

As we move into 1998 we at PRS look forward to working with all growers to recycle their scrap plastics.

PRS Plastic Recycling Services Inc.
Parkersburg West Virginia

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